What's Old is New Again

The Historic setting of the perfectly modern Stack House is more than an apartment community – it’s the place where you can unpack your life and let it unfold. Combining green living with warm character, fast technology, and sleek good looks, Stack House will be your soothing urban refuge.

Stack House features two residential buildings next to the site of a 100-year-old Supply Laundry Building. The vintage edifice serves as an office space and restaurant space with a patio facing the courtyard – so you won’t have to go far for a place to hang out, meet friends, or grab a bite.
Many of the Laundry’s original heavy timber beams and wooden windows have been restored and integrated in the community. But key among retained characteristics is the laundry’s iconic masonry smoke stack, towering high over the neighborhood – a touchstone for a bygone era.
The blend of old and new shows Stack House’s reverence for the past and unbridled excitement for the future.